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Monday, 23 August 2010


This was the first comic I ever wrote. It's the prelude to a sci-fi series I had in my noggin. One day I'll return to it but for now it sit there being unproduced.





PANEL ONE. Big Panel , depicting New Athens. In particular the towers of the polis, a massive, shiny, beacon that towers around the sprawling city around it. The sky is blight blue with very few clouds in the distance we can almost see other towers, but these are smaller. City halls in comparison to this Senate.



Thought Box 1: New Athens; Birthplace of The Republic.


Thought Box 2: A utopia, the only of its kind, thanks to three groups…



PANEL TWO. A long thin panel. A half built structure with scaffolding around it, on the scaffolding are various construction workers, all wearing blue overalls, but with various tool belts, helmets etc.



Thought Box 1: the Citizens…


Recorded voice (off): …without you our republic would fall, you are the bricks with which out our great nation would fall. You pro…


Thought Box 2:… merchants, trades men and workers.



PANEL THREE. A long thin panel. A group of armour police officers suiting up, in front of some lockers, in the background, a senior officer, already dressed.



Thought Box 1: The auxiliaries…


Sergeant: Remember men, we are the reason why our republic still stands, without us, everything would fall into to chaos, make sure you remember that when your out there. Now hurry up before I have to…


Thought Box 2:… soldiers, law enforcers and guardians



PANEL FOUR. Same style panel, Shows a desk with various dials and screens on it, one screen depicts a class room , focus on one child, wearing white clothes, with dark hair. The child is in his early teens. We can see two hands on the desk as if our view is from over the shoulder of whoever is at the desk.



Thought Box 1: The Polis…


Computer voice(off): Subject Code:XVIINA. Designation: Nathaniel…


Thought Box 2:… the real reason the republic still stands.





PANEL ONE. From behind the desk. We can see a polis member sat at a chair at a desk, in front a massive screen with the same image that we saw on the desk screen. Either side on these screen are more monitors with images of the child from different angles and partaking in various activities, such as fencing, science, and debate. The rest of the lab seems to be dimly lit with various lights, dials and technology.



Computer Voice 1:… latest test scores. Sciences. Chemistry 100% in all fields. Biology 100% in all field except genetics. Genetics score 97%.Physics 100% in all fields. Polis…


Jairus 1: Computer, give me the results of his potential evaluation.


Computer Voice 2:Potential evaluation for Nathaniel xvii. Whilst excelling in scientific and rational thought, Nathaniel has also

shown levels of physical ability and compassion that is suited for life in the Auxiliaries. His tutors have recommended that he be taken into the polis as he has displayed potential beyond his peers…


Jairus 2: Enough. Patch me through to Coeus. Designation: I NA POL…



PANEL TWO. Coeus walking along a white hall, in a hurry. She is wearing a ceremonial robe and has to elite class auxiliaries flanking her.



Communicator Voice: Incoming call from Jairus Designation: II…


Coeus: Accept. What is it Jairus, I'm just about to have a meeting with the inner circle.?



PANEL THREE. A frontal view of Jairus. He looks exhausted, rubbing his face with one hand, obscuring half his face. His other eye is closed.



Jairus: after reviewing all the information and footage of the child, it would seem that the child would be should be sent to the polis school, he's score are some of the highest ever seen and all his tutors think that's where he should go. The only drawn back is that it has been reported that he shows high levels of compassion and sentimentality



PANEL FOUR. Frontal view of Coeus again.



Coeus 1: Hmmm, check the records for anyone that was given similar results. Perhaps we can establish a protocol here.



PANEL FIVE. Same view of Jairus, except now his hand has moved and his eyes are open.



Jairus 1: computer run results for Nathaniel D. XVII against databases.


Computer Voice 1: Closest match found. Dates 897 Republic standard calendar.


Jairus 2: Just one match, dates over twenty years old though.


Coeus 1 (off): Go ahead.


Jairus 3:Ursus. Designation: II TR AUX. Recently promoted to Stratigos, fighting out near Gaul apparently.



PANEL SIX. Coeus stops walking, she looks worried.



Coeus 1: Ursus! Hmm, I've heard about him. The auxiliaries love him, caused some trouble for the inner circle in the past I think. Hmmm, the child will be sent to the auxiliary training facilities, however, if he survives make sure he isn't sent to Ursus' company.


Jairus (off)1: can I ask why?


Coeus 2: No, just get it done. I'll speak to you later, end communications.






PANEL ONE. View from behind Jairus. Long, thin panel.



PANEL TWO. Same panel



Jairus 1:Computer, bring up the file on Code: Ursus, designation: II TR AUX



PANEL THREE. Frontal Bust view of Coeus, looking down and fixing her robe



Coeus 1(to self): I don't know why I agreed to take that boy on. Causes more problems than his worth.



PANEL FOUR. view from behind Coeus, She is stood at two massive doors, with heavily armoured auxiliaries stood either side.



Coeus 1: I'm here to see the Circle. Name Coeus. Designation NA I…

PANEL FOUR. Same view, the doors begin to open



Coeus 1: …Ah


Cato (off) 1: Your late Coeus.



PANEL FIVE. View looking down from behind Cato's left shoulder. In a dark hall way, light pouring in from the door way as Coeus steps in, silhouetted.



Coeus 1: Ah Cato, I'm honoured the Circle sent you to fetch me, I really am.


Cato 1: If only you were as punctual as are witty Coeus, you wouldn't have been this Late at least.


Coeus 2: Please Cato you know that this is a trivial visit, the council have already approved my proposal, this is mere bureaucracy.


PANEL SIX. Cato and Coeus walking side by side, Cato looking up to Coeus, slightly lagging behind her.



Cato 1: Ah yes, your proposal. Your aware your not the first to forward this idea . Last time someone came forward with this the Circle rejected it, they thought it was dangerous.


Coeus 1: Indeed however, that was when the republic was young and was still being established, plus the fact we didn't have the technology to back the idea. Thanks to me the latter isn't a problem anymore.


Cato 2: if it were up to me the proposal would never be passed, regardless of technology.






PANEL ONE. View of the back of Coeus. She's looking over her shoulder at Cato who has stopped walking. She is walking into the light.


Coeus 1: Then I suppose the republic Should be thankful that it isn't up to you.



PANEL TWO. Cato looking extremely disgruntled



PANEL THREE. A Massive forum like room, with loads of polis members in the seats. At a slightly more decorated section, five polis members decorated in black robes stand. Coeus stand in the centre of the forum awaiting. Angle of view should be low looking up into the forum with Coeus a the forefront.



PANEL FOUR. Direct shot of the Inner Circle. One Stands. They all look stern.



Inner Circle Speaker 1: Coeus I NA POL, we summoned you here today to tell you that your proposal has been approved. The council felt that given our levels social stability and your promising research into the fields of eugenics and genetics, we can at last attempt to remove the breeding ceremonies from our culture, just strengthening each castes contribution to the republic.


PANEL FIVE. Coeus face. She has a wry smile.



Coeus 1: Thank you council. I'm very please to hear that.



PANEL SIX. Single Shot of the speaker


Inner Circle Speaker 1: In light of this it is also our privilege to inform you that you will be moving into the inner circle as deputy of progression in science, and as such you will be responsible for over seeing the change from the old system to the new. There is to be one last breeding ceremony at the end of this week, after which the new system must be fully operational.



PANEL SEVEN. Coeus face. She is almost grinning.



Coeus : I'm honou…



PANEL EIGHT. Close up of speaker.



Speaker: Coeus. Your proposal caused much debate between the inner circle and as such, your every move in the upcoming week is going to be scrutinized. I've been told to inform you, that if this project shows any weaknesses at you are to be removed from you dishonourably removed from your position. I'm sure your aware what that means. Speak to Cato on your way out, he will give you your new papers regarding your new position. That is all.






PANEL ONE. Frontal view from above of Coeus bowing slightly. The door opening behind her. Most of the Forum can be seen. Coeus should be relatively small in the panel.



Coeus 1: Thank you.



PANEL TWO. Coeus turning. The door now fully opened, Cato is stood waiting.


PANEL THREE. Frontal of Coeus with Cato Struggling to keep up. Coeus is grinning, whilst Cato looks frustrated.



Coeus 1: Aren't you going to congratulate me Cato.


Cato 1: I don't think I have to tell you that I disagree with the decision with your ideas. But if the Circle have approved it, then it is what's best for the Republic.


Coeus 2: I'm glad to see that wisdom has finally come with age.



PANEL FOUR. Coeus and Cato walking side by side, Cato looking up to Coeus again.



Cato 1: And yet you still don't listen to me.


Coeus 1: True, however the other problem with age is the inability to accept change. Even if it is for the greater good.



PANEL FIVE. Same panel.



Coeus 1: You forget Cato, that my last proposal increased the productivity of the Civilians by ten percent. And you foolishly disagreed with me then.


Cato 1: Yes well, neuter isn't a word you often hear associated with humans.


Coeus 2: Cato, those who under go the treatment do so that the Republic can be strengthened. Beside you can hardly call some of them Humans. Now about my new duties…






PANEL ONE. A Trench. A group of Auxiliaries are backed against the wall. Ursus is with them, they're in light armour. A explosion is happening in the back ground. There are heavily armoured soldiers (possible mech suits) firing towards the trench. Should be a large panel.



Thought Box 1: Somewhere in Gaul.



PANEL TWO. Headshot of Ursus. Slightly Turning his head to his troops. He's shouting into a communicator so to be heard over the shelling.



Ursus 1: Valdis! Where the hell is the E.M.P. drop. Where pinned here.


Valdis (over comm.) 1: You have ten seconds.



PANEL THREE. Headshot of Ursus again.



Ursus 1: Okay men, as soon as we get the signal for the drop. We form a loose shield wall, I'll take point. Understood.


Troops (together)1: Yes sir!



PANEL FOUR. View from over the edge of the trench. The groups head are visible, but they're shield are raised up to protect there face.



Valdis (over comm.)1: T-minus 5,4,3…


Ursus 1: Get ready…


Valdis 2: …2, 1



PANEL FIVE. View of some Gaul troops. Something is landing in the ground next to them.



PANEL SIX. Whatever just landed, exploding only giving off a blue light. In a bubble.






PANEL ONE: A frontal view of the unit charging forward. In a with shields ready. They all look intense, and ready for battle, panel should have explosive feel, maybe he formation should almost look like a flying V with Ursus at the point. Long bar panel.



Ursus 1: CHARGE!



PANEL TWO: The Unit crashing into the confused Gallic line, whose ranged weapons have ceased working, a sergeant attempt to draw a sword but is quickly impales by one of the unit. Some of the troops should look terrified as they are hacked and stabbed. The mech suits should be motionless, save for a few pilots trying to clamber out of them. The Unit are flawless in battle, some shielding one another as they hack away, Gaul's getting hit in the face with shields. Its key that this appear to be brutal as it will later be referenced by Ursus.



PANEL THREE: Two mech units with the pilots escaping, one is trying to get his seat belt undone the other is staring to run away.


Stuck pilot 1: Fuck don't leave me , you fucker…



PANEL FOUR: The stuck pilot is speared by an auxiliary , the pilot is higher up than the auxiliary and the spear has gone straight through his stomach. Blood explodes out of both his stomach and his mouth.



Stuck Pilot 1: GAKKK!






PANEL ONE: View for behind the auxiliary pulling out his spear and the pilots entrails spilling out on to the floor, in the distance is the pilot that fled. The auxiliary doesn't seem to be looking at his victim.



Fleeing pilot 1: gah… fuck, fuck… gah, shit…



PANEL TWO: a frontal view of the fleeing pilot , a spear head is bursting from his stomach, his face is a portrait of agony as blood seem to splash from his mouth. In the back ground we can see an auxiliary finishing his throwing arc next to the mech, behind him we can see the rest on the unit finishing of there enemy.



PANEL THREE: Frontal of Ursus cleaving away an enemy. He has blood spattered all over him, His face is shadowed, only his eyes and screaming mouth are visible, his victim is silhouetted.



Ursus 1: RAAHHHH!



PANEL FOUR: A view from behind Ursus, there is a small explosion of blood from his right elbow as a pistol flashes in the distance where we can see a unit of Gaul's shooting over a trench with different weapons from earlier.



PANEL FIVE: in the Gaul trench we can see the commanders handing out contemporary hand pistols. The soldiers are throwing there electrical weapons to the ground and looking at the new weapons with confusion.



Ursus (off) 1: Men form a Testudo on me, they're switching to mechanical.



PANEL SIX: the unit in a tightly form testudo, they are peering through the cracks whilst bullets ping from them,



Ursus 1: Heh, Normally takes them longer to figure it out. Okay men you know what to do. Slow march forward then storm the trench! Our armour should protect us, that weaponry has low penetration capabilities. March!






PANEL ONE: In a trench, Ursus is sat down leaning on a small table with his head in his hand. On the table is his helmet, his face and armour are covered in dirt and blood. There is a Polis liaison stood talking to him, pristine despite the filth around her. Various troops are walking around busying themselves with military type jobs. There is a doorway within one of the trench walls.



Thought Box: Gaul trenches sometime later.


Polis Liaison 1: Congratulations on another fine victory Ursus. You truly are a hero of the Republic.


Ursus 1: Enough. I know exactly what I am …(whispered to self) regardless of what the republic thinks of me)


Polis Liaison 2:Pardon?


Ursus 2: Nothing. What news is there from Athens.



PANEL TWO: Direct view of Ursus sat on the chair. He has begun unfastening parts of his armour. He hardly seems to be listening to the liaison.



Polis Liaison 1: Well I'm sure you'll be glad to know that, rather than put more pressure on you, the academy has decided to send the new students and neophytes further north to study under Stratigos Chiron.


Ursus 1: Good man



PANEL THREE: Similar view except Ursus is removing his gauntlets.



Polis Liaison 1: As you know The peoples states of Kievan and Albion refused to trade with us in attempt to stop our integration of Gaul. However recent diplomatic talks with the two nation have result in declarations of war from both forces who are allying themselves with one another…


Ursus 1: Predictable.



PANLE FOUR: Once again same view. However this time Ursus has his gauntlets removed and is glaring at the reader.



Polis Liaison 1: And as such you and your men are to stay here in Gaul to prepare defences for a possible attack from Albion.


Ursus 1: What?! My men and I where suppose to be taken from the front line next week. To prepare a proper defence against an invasion could take up to two months.


Polis Liaison 2: What is an extra six weeks to the Republics most loyal company?



PANEL FIVE: An irate Ursus has exploded from his seat and grabbed the polis liaison by the collar. He towers over her as she trembles with fear.



Ursus 1: An extra six weeks makes me a liar. And if I'm a liar how are these men supposed to trust me marching into battle!


Polis liaison 1: I…its out of my hands… there's nothing you can do now.



PANEL SIX: View from behind the polis liaison with Ursus standing over her enraged. Just behind Ursus a auxiliary is approaching.



Polis Liaison 1: I'm sorry… I was told that you'd understand, that you're the only company the republic can rely on for this…


Auxiliary 1: Sir Pterarchos Valdis is waiting for you.



PANEL SEVEN: Same view except Ursus is walking away , he is waving his hand towards the Liaison.



Auxiliary 1: Sir Pterarchos Valdis is waiting for you.


Ursus: Tell Athens, I'm going to needed a defences attachment for this, your dismissed.







PANEL ONE: Ursus walking into through the door way, over his shoulder the polis liaison is still stood there. Ursus looks menacing as the shadows cast on to him.



Ursus 1: Go. Before I change my mind.



PANEL TWO: A large table project a green hologram outline of the surrounding trenches. Either side of the table are Ursus pointing a finger and shouting. Valdis is studying the map.

Ursus 1: You've got some nerve. Your delay on that E.M.P. drop almost got me killed. I don't know if you'd noticed from up there in your little planes but there is a fucking war going on down here! This is the last time I let you jeopardise my units!.



PANEL TWO: frontal view of Valdis, she is leaning on the table with her arms still looking up at map.



Valdis 1: I apologise. But you lived didn't you?



PANEL THREE: Ursus has begun making his way out of the room.



Ursus 1: You're a liability. I'm putting in a request to get a different aerial attachment.



PANEL FOUR: Frontal of Valdis again, she's moved from behind the table so she's fully exposed, she is finally looking a Ursus.



Valdis 1:You'll be denied. I'm the best Pterarchos there is. And since where going to be stuck here for the next few months. I think its about time you learnt to trust me.


Ursus 1 (off): Trust is a two way thing, you don't trust my decisions enough to follow my orders.


Valdis 2: I know and that's why I'm suggesting we perform the act of the Sacred band of Thebes.



PANEL FIVE: Ursus has turned around. He looks sombre. He is staring straight at Valdis.


Ursus 1: I assume this is a joke. The act has to be sanction by the inner circle, which they only do in the most dire of situations. The last time was during the fledgling years of the Republic. All that aside the act can only be performed between two males.






PANEL ONE: Quite a large panel. Big enough to fit a full view of both characters as is Valdis beginning to approach Ursus. She looks stern, but also sexy. She isn't intentionally trying to do so. Ursus has his eyes fixed upon her.



Valdis 1: You know I've read your file don't you. I know you were almost exiled by the inner circle.


Ursus 1: Exactly. Almost, they had made a mistake.


Valdis 2: We both know that the circle doesn't make mistakes. They don't know how. No. You escaped thanks to lack of evidence. They couldn't get you men to testify against you. Which makes sense given the crime.


Ursus 2: …



PANEL TWO: Valdis has walked past Ursus now, making her way to the door but he hasn't moved. He isn't even looking at her anymore.



Valdis 1: I could understand your reasons for allowing it to happen. You were dead to the Republic. You and your men were demoralized, facing death…



PANEL THREE: Frontal view of Ursus, he is staring into nothingness. In the back ground Valdis has stopped at the door and turned around to look back at him.



Valdis 1:… or glory.


Valdis 2: With the highly likely approach of an Albion army, we're inevitably going to be placed under great strain. We both know we're going to have to place more trust in each other.



PANEL FOUR: Ursus stood at the hologram desk. He is still motionless. The green light illuminates his front. He continuing to scare aimlessly into space.



Valdis 1 (off): Your not the only one who'd like to survive this war you know..



PANEL FIVE: Ursus crashes both his fists onto the table with an instant crack emerging. He is enraged.



Ursus 1: Aargh!



PANEL SIX: Ursus still stood at the desk with his fists in the table.







PANEL ONE: The houses of parliament , except surrounding it are other tall Victorian and gothic buildings.



Thought Box 1 : The Peoples Socialist State of Albion.


PANEL TWO: A quite humble office. A well presented man(the prime minister) sits behind a desk gazing intensely at a man sat the other side in uniform. There are a couple of maids with tea trays approaching the desk.



Prime Minister Owen 1:What defences can w expect them to set up in Gaul?


Commander Thompson 1: We expect them to set up many small camps that they'll use to house and train there young troops with a number of larger encampment that will be home to three maybe four of there most experienced Stratigos.



PANEL THREE: A frontal of the Prime minister as a maid put the tea on his desk.



PM Owen 1: I see, well the Kiev has inform me that we are to get rid of a lot of our electrical armour and weaponry and prepare for lot of close combat encounters with the enemy. Are our forces prepared for this?


Commander Thompson (off)1: Indeed we are sir. Additionally I recommend that you suggest to the Kiev that they co-operate in some of our more covert operations.



PANEL FOUR: Frontal view of the commander taking a cup and saucer from the maid. He smiling slightly.



PM Owen 1: Covert Operations?


Commander Thompson 1: Yes Prime minister, we have had counter intelligence operative set up in the Republic for some time now.


PM Owen 2 :Spies? How far have they infiltrated?



PANEL FIVE: View of a busy street in New Athens filled with workers busying themselves in street, the sun is glaring down and the street looks hectic with various workers carrying/using building materials or just generally looking busy.


Thought Box 1: New Athens, Workers District.



Commander Thompson 1 (off): Into the very foundation.




















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